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What is the function of the Internet? What are the components that make up the Internet?

The Hardware, however, cannot create a network without the second major component of the Internet, which is said to be the Protocols. A set of rules followed by a machine to complete any task is said to be a Protocol. If there are no standard protocols between the machines connected to the Internet, connectivity between these devices or machines is impossible. The protocol must facilitate a common language and a method for machines to exchange information amongst themselves.

What are the essential protocols? What do they do?

There are several protocols that you can know about on the Internet. But, the two most important protocols in discussions will always be the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP).

In simple words, these protocols set some rules regarding how the information must pass through the Internet. Other devices must also understand the language of a particular device, letting out some info. Without this protocol, a direct connection is the only option to transmit data.

Each device that is connected to the Internet has an IP address. These IP addresses follow the Internet Protocol, making it easier to find another machine through this massive network. The TCP and the IP protocols make the transmission possible when you send a message to another computer or retrieve information from it. While sending a message, your request first hits the DNS ( Domain Name Servers) in search of the target server. It is the reliability of the DNS to point the message in the right direction. Once the target receives the news, it can send back a response to your computer.

The process of the data transfer has to be very flexible. This is why the Internet is considered one of the most powerful tools today. If you are looking out for the best Internet plans for your home or office, we at Ajwah Netowrk can help you with the best broadband deals and high-speed Internet. Connect with us now!

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